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One of the best experiences of my life

I had the pleasure of doing a 3 day hike up to Poon Hill in these inspiring, breathtaking mountains. I’ve done plenty of hiking and through hiking in my time, but I’ve never felt so small and been in such awe of our planet as I was on our hike. The mountains themselves were amazing and beautiful enough that there really couldn’t have been much that could have made it better-or so we thought. Madhav amazed us more by making the hiking trip even more fun. He’s full of useful information about the plants, the people and their culture, and the history of Nepal and the mountains. He can answer tons of questions about parts of the hike, and I came away with alot of knowledge I didn’t have before. Not only that, he’s hilarious and great fun to be around-it rained for part of our hike, but we spent the time singing and dancing in the rain and loving every second. We jogged by waterfalls laughing with joy, joked over milk tea in the cottages that are available along the hike, and shared stories in the quiet of the forest. Madhav and the mountains themselves make for a truly unforgettable, once in a lifetime, possibly the best thing you’ll ever do experience.

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